Dual Diploma Program

What is the Dual Diploma Program?

The Dual Diploma Program allows students to earn a U.S. high School diploma while simultaneously completing their home country's secondary school credentials, e.g. Spain's Bachillerato.

Students can complete the Program in 2,3 or 4 years depending on the Course of Study they follow.

Sample Course Study

3 Years Program:

Year 1: English & Elective
Year 2: English & States History
Year 3: US Government/ Economics & an Elective

Our Courses

  • The curriculum is a combination of core courses and electives. All courses are taught in English
  • Each full credit course consists of two semesters
  • Half credit courses consist of one semester
  • The courses provide students with interactive, student- centered, and media-rich educational opportunities in a flexible virtual environment

Enrolling in Dual Diploma Program

  • Prior to admission, students must take an online written admission test.
  • In addition, transcripts and pupil progression plans from the student's home school are analized

Once Accepted

  • Student will get enrolled in their courses and attend an online Welcome Meeting Orientation with their teacher.
  • Students will recieve their login credentials and begin working on their coursework
  • Students will participate in live tutorial sessions with their teacher and fellow students, which will provide support and enrichment to their virtual courses.
  • This will allow students to work on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a real-life settings
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